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 A lot of stuff has been going on but I haven't had a chance to post at all since I have been without internet at home for about 2 and a half weeks now. I stilll have no internet, but hopefully in the next couple of days it will be all taken care of. We just moved into a small little old house that we found fitting our budget for rental expenses and we are very happy with it. We have been busy though.

When we got the house there was a few things we weren't expecting, like a nasty unworking dishwasher, peanut shells under the hood of the stove (mice??), a very dirty oven and broiler, pretty dirty window blinds, and cobwebs in almost every corner of the house. Oh the sliding door in the room we chose as the master bedroom also turned out to be really old and leak through the sides when very windy and rainy outside. After long talks with the landlords we came to the conclusion that if anything is gonna get done it will have to be done by us because they aren't very helpful people. 

When we told them how filthy the house was they came in and cleaned up some of the cobwebs and the peanut shells, then my husband offered to do the oven and broiler. I was a little frustrated with that because I wanted to send a message but I wasn't the one home when they came to "fix" things. The message I wanted to send was that the state we got the house in was not acceptable and they should either do something about it or expect the same when it is turned in by us (and I have the feeling that this lady is going to be extremely picky when we turn in keys). I would have left all the work to them and say it is not that I am unwilling to clean or get my hands dirty, but this is no condition to give us the house in and I should not have to be the one cleaning after the last people who lived here, specially if you are expecting me to leave a nonrefundable deposit for cleaning after we move out.... the point is so that whoever moves in gets a clean house right?? Well if this is how I got it, I am confident in saying you won't need my deposit because I am sure I will leave the house in a better condition than I received it in. 

But no.... my husband gave in and was nice and spent 2 hours cleaning the oven. Neither one of us is very confrontational, in fact we avoid it at all costs, but for once I felt like I could put my foot down and not tell people its okay when it is not. So it made me so mad and frustrated when he didn't do anything but make them come in and pick up peanut shells and wave a broom around. He cleaned the oven, unhooked the old dishwasher, connected the new dishwasher we bought for cheap, is putting in weather stripping on the sides of our sliding door, helped load and unload the unworking washer/dryer and new tiny stacker washer/dryer, clean the laundry room and hook up the new washer/dryer. All this while the landlords bitched about how much of a hassle it was going to be having to take the old dishwasher out and having to get their trailer to bring us the new washer/dryer combo etc. I kept thinking, if you didn't want to do the work then why offer the washer/dryer to us at all? 


So yea, the impression I have of my landlords is that the guy is pretty nice and he has a helpful nature but he is not very handy and his wife has him on a very short leash. The lady, who clearly wears the pants in the house, is cheap, snotty, and will not lift a finger for anything in the world (my husband says she stood there chatting all while her husband tried to "fix" the things we had mentioned). I took pictures of the condition of the house and will be having them sign a waiver on the carpet that got wet because of the leak in the door. I just hope nothing worse will come out of this besides us having to put some extra elbow grease in and hoping we don't have to deal too much with them.

The house itself is old, painted a yucky color (except for the kitchen/living room which is a nice yellow), and fits our needs very well. Plus its a house!! not sharing with anyone and under our budget so I wasn;t expecting more than what we got. I have a yard and I am very excited about making it home. As long as I don't have to deal with the landlords too much I will be golden :)