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I will apologize in advance because this is picture heavy and LJ wont make up its mind as to whether I can put them behind a cut or not. If you see the cut yay! If not sorry to flood your friends page.

I just joined a ferret community and realized that I haven't gotten around to posting pictures of my babies yet!! Ruffus joined our family in April and Eris in June. He is a year old and she is two and a half. They have gotten along great and besides a small allergy I have developed Michael and I are loving the ferrety fun.

This is Ruffus, he loves sleeping in his hammock although they both love to crawl into a very tiny hanging pouch we have for them. They are like slinkies, they fold every which way possible. You can tell him apart from Eris because he is bigger, fatter, fluffier and lighter than her. He still has his baby fluffness and oh yea! also because he will let you pet him and pick him up and is all nice and soft and cuddly.

This is Eris, Michael's idea on the name, tribute to the Goddess of discord, and let me tell you... she does her job well. She is smaller, thinner and darker than Ruffus. Easier way to tell them apart though is if its biting you then you know you have her in your hands... we are... working on that... =)

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Anything goes!

I don't really have many people reading this but thought it'd be fun to try anyway...

Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, an opinion -- anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice or more if you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others whom you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.

I've turned off IP checking and enabled anonymous posting =)

(idea from Muse's LJ who got it from Andrew's LJ.)

For Seattle this is crazy!


Its been sooo long!

I just came back from having dinner with two girls from the co-op class that I was taking. Today was the last day and they were asking if anyone wanted to go and celebrate the end of the quarter. I was the only one that said yes and I had a good time. It has been forever since I thoroughly enjoyed socializing with anyone. First time in Seattle really.

I think what made me really enjoy this was the great unforced conversation that we had.For a while I have been missing the "true" friendships that I had through or after high school. I wasn't able to tell exactly what I missed about them or what was stopping me from finding something similar today. I thought maybe I was just different or became somewhat socially challenged. However I think today I found my answer.

From the friendships that I have had in the past I can identify them into 2 groups. There's those that developed slowly and out of a daily routine (work, school) where I got to know the person little by little and the friendship bloomed over a period of months sometimes even years. Then there are those where there existed a common passion for something in both myself and the other person. In the past it has been passion for music or for schoolwork (yes I know I'm a geek). These friendships developed quickly, they clicked, they just happened and I didn't know how. Now I am not saying that these girls I went out to will become my best friends, but for the first time here in Seattle I found a common passion and it felt good.

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We lost track of time and talked about anything and everything and I wasn't bored or felt awkward, it just felt good and right. We have been in this class for a full quarter and had to remind each other of our names when we sat down for dinner haha yet we clicked and largely I think it was because we share the same passion AND we have shared a lot of ourselves with each other already through class. We talked very enthusiastically about the kids and teaching, cheese, music, drinking, families, traveling, languages, accidents, etc etc. It didn't feel like the initial get to know you, an interrogation of life stories and "so what do you do for fun?" yet we talked about all those things too. We exchanged emails and numbers at the end and agreed to go out again... and I want to go. With my lurking depression it is always hard to say yes. It is easier and more comfortable to say no I can't or cancel plans. However, just like finding the right job made it easy to get up in the morning and face the day, I think I could do a lot more socializing if it is like this.

I feel alive.


Day after....

Tidbits from one of Tim Wise's essays. No way I could say it better myself. Whole essay can be found here

"If you are incapable of mustering pride in this moment, and if you cannot appreciate how meaningful this day is for millions of black folks who stood in lines for up to seven hours to vote, then your cynicism has become such an encumbrance as to render you all but useless to the liberation movement."

"It was a victory for youth, and their social and political sensibilities. It was the young, casting away the politics of their parents and even grandparents, and turning the corner to a new day, perhaps naively, and too optimistic about the road from here, but nonetheless in a way that has historically almost always been good for the country. Much as youth were inspired by a relatively moderate John F. Kennedy (who was, on balance, far less progressive than Obama in many ways), and much as they then formed the frontline troops for so much of the social justice activism of the following fifteen years, so too can such a thing be forseen now."

"Tonight was also a victory for the possibility of greater cross-racial alliance building. Although Obama failed to win most white votes, and although it is no doubt true that many of the whites who did vote for him nonetheless hold to any number of negative and racist stereotypes about the larger black and brown communities of this nation, it it still the case that black, brown and white worked together in this effort as they have rarely done before. And many whites who worked for Obama, precisely because they got to see, and hear, and feel the racist vitriol still animating far too many of our nation's people, will now be wiser for the experience when it comes to understanding how much more work remains to be done on the racial justice front. Let us build on that newfound knowledge, and that newfound energy, and create real white allyship with community-based leaders of color as we move forward in the years to come. "

"And so it is back to work. Oh yes, we can savor the moment for a while, for a few days, perhaps a week. But well before inauguration day we will need to be back on the job, in the community, in the streets, where democracy is made, demanding equity and justice in places where it hasn't been seen in decades, if ever. Because for all the talk of hope and change, there is nothing--absolutely, positively nothing--about real change that is inevitable. And hope, absent real pressure and forward motion to actualize one's dreams, is sterile and even dangerous. Hope, absent commitment is the enemy of change, capable of translating to a giving away of one's agency, to a relinquishing of the need to do more than just show up every few years and push a button or pull a lever."

"The worst thing that could happen now would be for us to go back to sleep; to allow the cool poise of Obama's prose to lull us into slumber like the cool on the underside of the pillow. For in the light of day, when fully awake, it becomes impossible not to see the incompleteness of the task so far. "


I am so happy about the turnout of the Election. Obama gives me hope for something greater. It gives me hope that this country can start taking steps in the right direction towards justice, fairness, and opportunity for all. I have heard people say it tons better than  that, I just suck at putting it into words, but this is a BIG deal. Not because he is black, but because of what that means and what he stands for. Because of what he was able to draw from the majority, to stand up and vote, to believe that we can indeed make a difference. So, I don't want to repeat but THIS IS A BIG DEAL.... to me.

So it is very frustrating to not have someone to share it with. Well no thats not true. Most of my coworkers understand, and its great to have someone you can stand next to and scream in joy. But is it horrible that the person that I have pledged to spend the rest of my life with doesn't understand just how huge this is for me, and why? Forget about sharing the feeling with me, HA that is asking for the impossible right now but to understand.... or at least try to..... or at least notice just how much this actually means to me, personally, professionally???

Arrrgh I want to cry. I want to cry because I am so happy, and because the love of my life doesnt get why. It makes me doubt .... well everything. How am I supposed to deal with this and still believe and trust in what I have, what we have... what we are supposed to have.

Michael has always been pretty pessimist, a big debater and just plain cotrary person (is that even a word?). Anyways, how much of his attitude is just going against the flow? how much of it is internalized oppression? how much of it is ignorance? and even scarier how much of it is lack of caring for anything that happens in his life that could affect him, his family.... our family. /Sigh

Does he really not get that feeling of hope and opportunity for a huge change in our country's metality?? or does he just not give a shit?

I he doesn't feel it, can I understand that and can I live with it seeing that one of my core values is so extremely different thatn his?? Seeing that what I am, and what I am becoming in this awakening to the world that was oblivious to me before is nothing to him??

And if he just doesnt care, then again... wtf. I care because I want my kids to grow up in a better world in a better country... does he not?



I think I will sleep well tonight....

More chainmaille

Wooot, finally finished a few more bracelets. I added beads to the shaggy loops one I had made before, and finished my harvest moon / tomato sandwich. I also made a byzantine set of bracelet and earrings.

I found the most wonderful bead store in the market. Now I only have to walk down the hall during lunches to scope out beads and materials to spice up my weaves. There was also this lady there that taught me how to use a head pin, which I can see is a very useful skill to have. I tried don my own and semi succeeded, still doesn't look as pretty as the one she did though haha. She is gonna be hosting some classes, so I am thinking about signing up depending on the difficulty level and the price.

Anyways here is a pic of my stuff:


I am glad McCain defended Obama, surprised but glad. I would have liked to hear more about how people of Arab or any foreign heritage are not to be feared either but I guess that would be asking for the impossible.

It just scares me so so so much, I really cannot explain how much it scares me that people have this mentality because their actions are guided by these beliefs of superiority.

I almost typed "What has this country come to?" but it really hasn't come to this... it has been this way for a long time, people just want to forget that racism happens and look the other way. Its easy to do when you are not on the receiving end.

Don't Vote

Some of us don't have a voice.... do you??? USE IT!