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New Beginnings

28 June 1983
Yay for new beginnings.... Needed to start writing again

I am now 30, happily married and pregnant with my first child. It is super exciting but I feel like its time to start writing again and let it help me heal the craziness that is becoming of my life lately.

A few years ago when I started this journal I was coming out of a long stump of depression and I turned to writing to get my thoughts sorted out and keep track of my experiences. It has worked great as a stress reliever method as well as looking back and seeing that there are good times among all the seemingly endless darkness. It has also let me analyze my feelings with a clear mind and find a few answers where I thought there was none.

For the past 3 years I have been relatively happy with my life and aside from short bursts of depression I have been satisfied. The pregnancy now is messing with my hormones big time, and it is becoming increasingly harder not to slip down to that dark place again. Hopefully this will help again.

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